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17 July 2010 @ 09:23 pm


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But as the show matured, it was Scully — the cerebral head of the X-Files, torn between her Catholic faith, her scientific impulse to explain away the inexplicable and her affection for her partner — who was destined to become the (still cerebral) heart of the show. The very fact that her character was such a hard sell made her repeated brushes with the supernatural all the more powerful. Mulder’s desire to believe was so expansive, his credulity so flexible, that it’s not as though he was ever going to have either shaken from him. But Scully’s surety was solid, stable, rigid; every time she saw something she thought she’d never see, we saw it crack, sparks fly from it. She was forced to question herself, grow, change. In short, she got the better arc, and her journeys were always, by dint of the setup, more intricate and moving.

-Scully have I loved, Rebecca Traister