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a mulder/scully daily community

if there's an iced tea in that bag, could be love.

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"And then there was, again, the relationship. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, relative newcomers, argued, debated, sparred and bickered about cases strange and unlikely. They shared a job, an office; they shared rented cars and barbeque ribs on the road. They shared their opinions strongly but respectfully, often on their handy cell phones. They shared just about everything except a bed, and that not-so-simple choice made for an improbable romance which endured through 202 episodes and one theatrical movie."

-Chris Carter; July 8, 2008


3:42 in extremis, all things, david duchovny, david-duchovny-why-won't-love-me, diana-fowley-looks-like-a-camel, did we mention gillian?, dreaming of gillian, eye in fbi, fbi's most unwanted, fuck bees, gillian and robots, gillian anderson, gillian anderson is hot, gillian fucking anderson, gillian leigh anderson, gillian licks robots, gillian's boobs, gillian's pregnancy boobs, gillian/robot otp, hips before hands, iced tea, keep going fbi-woman, licking robots, maybe there's hope, miles-adrift-inches-apart, mosquito bites, mulder/scully, my constant my touchstone, one in five billion, red speedo, root beer, scully's poker face, scully-what-are-you-wearing, sleeping bags, teacups, they-had-sex-in-the-pilot, thinking about gillian, ust